The Story of Passion & Loads of Food

Set in the heart of Hyderabad, The Original Shawarma is a casual, one of a kind bistro offering a variety of comforting and original inspired dishes. At The Original Shawarma the head of the team are the restaurant’s Three musketeers: Harish Reddy, Ashish Reddy and Ranjan Shetty. The group shares a true love for the flavorful cooking the Indian peninsula is known for.

The culinary experience at The Original Shawarma is enhanced by a flavorful Food and warm service. The menu’s specialties, the most mouthwatering inspired food made with passion and the finest, freshest ingredients, we are sure to satisfy your longing for delectable food enjoyed in the good company of friends. With artisanal doner pita, thin crust pizzas, sumptuous Shawarma, Sensational Gyro, and healthy salads, it was not long before the magic spread far and wide. It’s more than a menu. It’s a celebration. A journey. A story, 3 years in the making, of passion, adventure and loads and loads of Food.